Wi Fi Smart

The Therma-TeQ optional extra Neo Thermostats come in 2 styles. The NeoAIR offers a complete wireless solution the other is the NeoStat which is a hard wired version.

The NeoStat is a mains powered thermostat with a volt free switch and works in conjunction with the UH8 wired system on the opposite page 25. The NeoAir offers a complete wireless solution, with optional APP. And uses the RF wiring centre.

Both these thermostats have Illuminated Touch Keys for Easy Operation. They also feature Energy Saving Optimum Start. In other words your NeoStat will calculate the amount of heat up time required!


App Controllable

NeoApp is designed to work perfectly with the NeoHub and Neo Thermostats. Together they present an advanced heating control solution that is perfect for modern lifestyles.

NeoApp supports multi locations and multi users. What’s more, home owners can share full or restricted access to the Neo system, perfect for holiday rentals.

The Geo Location technology ensures users never heat an empty home, by automatically reducing the temperature when they leave and increasing the temperature when they return.

When paired to the NeoHub, the NeoStat/NeoAir can be controlled from the NeoApp – available on Windows 10, iOS and Android. Up to 32 zones can be controlled from a single NeoHub.

Air & Floor Sensing

NeoStat can be used with a remote air and remote floor sensor, whereas the NeoAir has one remote sensor connection that can be used for remote air or floor temperature monitoring.